While StrikerBilt, based in Greenville, Ky., may be new to the industry—the company was founded just last year—its owners and employees aren’t. In fact, they have more than 350 years of combined experience in the wood products industry.

“We have all been in the industry a very long time, and we are proud of that,” said StrikerBilt President Wayne Fleming. “The owners of the company have vast expertise in many facets of industry. They have earned respect throughout the years in the work they have performed. They bring to StrikerBilt this same dedication and determination to earn the respect of this industry. On top of that, we are all dedicated to our customers’ needs.”

That focus on the needs of customers is exactly what led to the creation of StrikerBilt. The company started because its owners recognized the need for more reliable equipment with the most advanced controls. From its chain deck conveyors and end trim saws to the crosstie end plate presses and stackers, StrikerBilt’s products are built to not just last but also to be more efficient, meaning less down time and faster start ups. The products are also built to fit the needs of each individual client, and the company’s employees view it as their job to make sure that what the customer is purchasing is exactly what they need. “Many times, customers know exactly what they want, but they don’t know exactly how to get there,” Fleming said. “We feel it’s our job to come up with the design and working arrangements for our customers. If customers come to us with an idea of what they want, we can get it arranged and working. We can begin working with a customer from the conceptual design phase all the way through start up.”

And StrikerBilt will go out of its way to ensure a company can start up on time. For example, the company recently sold a dip tank system to a customer that needed it to be set up and ready to go just eight weeks after the purchase. StrikerBilt delivered on time and made sure the customer stayed on schedule. “It was a huge piece of equipment, so an eight week delivery time is pretty much unheard of,” Fleming said. “We also made some changes to that system so that the customer’s start up was immediate with no delays. We installed the equipment, and they went from testing to production almost immediately.”

In addition to working with customers to make sure they get the best possible solution for their specific needs, StrikerBilt also makes it a priority to focus on customers well after the sale is made and the equipment is delivered. “We support our customers and take care of them, and we give them great 24-hour support if they experience any control issues or problems,” Fleming said. “If a customer has a problem, we will make sure they get it solved and get going again as quickly as possible. That’s one thing we set out to do when we started the company, and we feel it really sets us apart.”

Also setting the company apart is its commitment to staying on top of industry demands and changes. StrikerBilt is always looking at ways to improve the efficiency of its equipment to allow its customers increased productivity. In addition, they listen to customers to see what they would like to see in the marketplace. “We like to hear from customers what they need that may not be out there yet and then try to research and make the concepts turn into actual products,” Fleming said. “That’s what we’re trying to do right now, actually.” StrikerBilt is working on several new products, many of which are as a result of customer requests, including a rail plate system, RFID system and chemical Injection machine for ties. “We see a need for these products, along with our customers,” Fleming said. “We’ve had customers asking specifically for products like these, so we’re excited about getting these concepts turned into realities. And that’s another great thing about StrikerBilt. We have quality people—from our employees to our owners to our vendors—who are all working together tonot just meet but exceed our customers’ expectations.”

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By: Paige Townley